Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC


Ads on technologies’ Amazon Sponsored Ads Management Service is the top choice for brands selling and looking forward to growing on Amazon. Our content management experts at Ads On Technologies can help you set realistic achievable goals, by establishing a proven work strategy by working dedicatedly to maximize ROI and decrease ACOS with our efficient Amazon advertising optimization services. Our ads are not just targeted for traffic and visibility but they are skilfully crafted to boost conversions and sales. This is our tried and tested strategy for creating high-profit, and low-ACOS campaigns. Partner with a premium Amazon Marketing Agency and see the sales and growth worth celebrating over.

PPC Services
We offer a wide range of Amazon PPC services.

To ensure that your brand maintains an above-par performance, our advertising campaign management services cover Amazon’s advertising solutions.

Making your products visible to your target market is our goal. We ensure that your ads appear in search results and detail pages.

This solution—features your brand logo, customized headline, and 1-3 products—lets you flaunt your brand and portfolio. We ensure that your advertisements appear in your customers’ search results every time.

Perfect images that conform to Amazon’s guidelines make your products stand out. To ensure that your product detail pages get the best shots, tap our in-house photographer’s expertise. His combined skill in photography and experience in Amazon product shoots guarantee optimal images for your listings.


Amazon PPC campaigns are one of the key elements to a successful listing. When done efficiently, PPC can increase your visibility and scale your business.

Amazon advertising can quickly become overwhelming and challenging without proper management. With rising advertising costs, ill-managed manual campaigns, and no clear strategy, the amount of time and effort can become exhausting for many sellers.

Seller Interactive’s Amazon PPC management service provides strategic solutions for your Amazon products. Our team of expert PPC specialists develops campaigns explicitly catered to your industry to help maximize your sales on Amazon while keeping your costs low.

What are your Benefits?

Drive Brand Awareness

Create Amazon-ready video ads with our built-in video maker. It cuts down the time taken for storyboarding, editing, and publishing. There are no complicated post-production processes. Everything happens live on your computer as soon as you feed in your assets to Trellis. Once published, these high-definition Sponsored Brands video ads are ready to launch on Amazon within seconds.

Engage your customers with Amazon PPC services

When it comes to building a powerful presence for your products on Amazon, publishing well-made product listings isn’t enough. You need to get your products out there. And the best way to do this is by taking advantage of foolproof solutions provided on Seller Central. These come in the form of creative advertising campaigns that are strategically positioned to engage your customers at every stage of their shopping experience.

Leave it to the experts

Managing the entire process requires comprehensive know-how of the Amazon platform. Given its algorithm, placing sponsored display ads strategically can prove tricky. That’s why, to minimize risks while boosting advantages, leave the ad campaign management to the experts at Seller Interactive.

Increase customer reach

We use our advertising and marketing expertise to reach out to your customers in the most strategic way possible. We aim to effectively communicate your brand’s benefits every step of the way—from promoting brand awareness to boosting conversion rates during the purchasing stage and building a solid customer base by encouraging loyalty.